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The village

The population of Húsavík is approx. 70 people. Húsavík is among the oldest villages in the Faroe Islands, and therefore it is also a village rich in history. The lady of Húsavík (Húsfrúgvin, in Faroese) lived here around year 1400 and the old foundations from her time are still visible.

Another thing that is special about Húsavík are the approx. 10 km worth of stone fences in good conditions and many stone houses in the village. Most noticable are the stone houses by the beach (á Tumbakka). Most of the houses that were built in the late part of the 1800s are well preserved and many of them are used as holiday cottages now.

The church

The church was inaugurated in 1863 and is built from stone. The church is spacios and was originally build for the villages Húsavík, Dalur and Skarvanes, until Dalur got a church in 1957. The walls on the inside are chalked, otherwise everything is made from timber. The church got a new altarpiece painted by Svend Havstein Mikkelsen, when it was renovated in the 90’s.

The youth association Sólarris

The youth association Sólarris was founded in 1943. The house is located by the beach in Húsavík and is the place for association activities in the village. The house is used for all sorts of events, and is also often used by schools for camp school etc.

The mole

On the mole you will find reliefs by Tróndur Patursson, made in collaboration with J&K Petersen when the boat basin was built. The art on the relief is connected to the ocean, with boats, mermaids, whales and so on.

The beach

The beach in Húsavík is a great place to play and spend time. Sometimes surfers visit Húsavík, and we’ve heard that Húsavík is a good place to surf (for experienced surfers).


Be careful when walking by the mole and on the beach, as breaking waves can come unexpectedly. We do not reccommend children to play alone by the mole or by the seaside.