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Heimablídni at Poul and Sóleyð’s


We are Sóleyð and Poul. We are farmers and we have 7 children ranging from 16 to 39 years of age. We enjoy hiking, but we also like to enjoy our time together in our home. We love to cook and to host guests which is why we started doing heimablídni. We are also enthusiastic cooks and we aim to only use ingredients from our own land or locally on Sandoy.



We serve food at specific times:

Brunch 10.30AM – 2.00PM (or depending on your wishes)

Dinner 6.00PM – 11.00PM (or depending on your wishes)

Min. 4 pers. max 30 pers.



Luxury brunch  eggs, pickled herring, whale meat, whale blubber, potatoes, rolled seasoned meat, dry meat, halibut salad, salmon, meat sausage, cheese, bread, coffee, tea, juice, soda, beer and wine. Price: 595 kr,- per person (min. 4 people).

Brunch – eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, faroese toppings, cheese, coffee, tea and juice. Price: 300 kr,- per person (min. 6 people)

Dinner – Rhubarb mojito. Lamb, roast root vegetables and potatoes and homemade gravy. For dessert we offer a sweet dish made out of rhubarbs (a traditional Faroese favorite!). Price: 595 kr,- per person (min. 4 people).

We also offer

Fried fish, potatoes and melted butter (a type of Faroese gravy). Price: 450 kr,- per person (min. 6 people)



LUNCH BOX: 4-5  half slices of Faroese bread with toppings, 1 bottle of water, a piece of cake and fruit. It is possible to substitute a bottle of cider or beer for the water. Price: 180 kr,- per person


We also offer tours and pick up/drop off at hiking locations.



Please contact VisitSandoy for booking: info@visitsandoy.fo and +298 222 078.