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Sandur is known for having the only sand dunes in the Faroes, for thw wonderful beach, the yarn-bombed rock near lake Gróthúsvatn, the serene walk to beautiful Søltuvík, the interesting Art Gallery Listasavnið, with art from e.g. Mikines and Kamban, the village museum from 1812, kayaking on the third biggest lake in the Faroes, lake Sandsvatn, saying hello to muuh, the agricultural project Veltan, saga tours and much more!

The village

Approx. 520 people live in Sandur. 

The oldest proof of settlement in the Faroe Islands were found in the area á Sondum in 2007. The excavation found that people had lived here in th 4th-6th century. You can read more about archaeology in Sandur here.

The church

The church in Sandur was inagurated in 1839. This is the 6th church in Sandur, and both the story about the church as well as the surrounding area are very interesting. Many excavations have been conducted in the area, and they have found e.g. remains of buildings, articles for everyday use and ornaments. In 1863 the sexton found a coin treasure in the old graveyard, the only one of its kind in the Faroes. The treasure was 98 silvercoins from the 11th century. The treasure can be seen at the National Museum.

The village museum in Sandur

In Norðara Koyta you’ll find the village museum, a house from the year 1812. In 1988 the association Sands Bygdasavn bought the house. The house has been renovated and items from the time have been gathered, so you can see how people lived in the first half of the 19th century.

Say hello to muuh

In Sandur you can visit Poul and his cattle. Children love to visit Poul and his wife Sóleyð because the cows are adorable and friendly, and Poul is a great storyteller. You can also dine at their place for heimablídni.

Kayaking on lake Sandsvatn

Lake Sandsvatn is the third-biggest lake in the Faroe Islands, and it is perfect for both fishing and kayaking.

There are 20 kayaks for rent, and the price is DKK 200,- for 3 hours. You’ll find the kayaks as soon as you reach Sandur.

The Art Gallery in Sandur

The art gallery is a gift from Sofus Olsen with some of the best Faroese art from e.g. Janus Kamban, S.J. Mikines, Ingálvur av Reyni, Jack Kampmann and Frimod Joensen. The architect behind the gallery is  J. P. Gregoriussen. 

The youth association Virkið

The youth association hosts many of the association activities in Sandur. Virkið is a big communal house and is perfect for events, parties, dances, theatre, meetings, camp schools, just to name a few.


Veltan is an interesting new agricultural project. Veltan grows Faroese greens that you can buy in Sandur as well as in other parts of the Faroes when they travel around almost every week. Some of the best restaurants in the Faroes buy greens from Veltan because the quality and taste are exceptional.

You can book a visit at Veltan and learn more about the project by contacting VisitSandoy.

Saga and adventure tour

The saga tour is a family friendly tour that starts in Sandur.

Your guide will tell you all about the famous witch, and you will follow in her steps and visit the cave where she lived. The tour takes approx. 2 hours and is suitable for children of all ages. You will walk for a bit while you hear some of the saga.