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Kayak on lake Sandsvatn

Explore the untouched nature in the Faroe Islands as you glide through the beautiful lake Sandsvatn. You will get a hands-on experience of the pristine natural wonders on this much appreciated lake in Sandur.

Practical information

You will pick up your kayak at our base by the river bank just outside the village Sandur. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, this is the perfect adventure as a part of you stay in the Sandoy area.

All kayaks are single person boats. You will spend 3 hours in the kayak and enjoy the scenic view from the lake where you will see the drenched river bank and the low mountains surrounding lake Sandsvatn.

Our sea kayaks are the safest on the market and are quick-to-learn. Getting on the water is also easy in these kayaks.

Lake Sandsvatn

Lake Sandsvatn is situated behind the local beach. Sandsvatn is a long and shallow lake rich in trout and every spring the last resting place for whooper swans on their way to Iceland.

There are small valleys around you so that in the interior Sandoy gives a softer and more rounded impression than most of the other islands. As Sandoy is the most fertile island in the Faroe Islands, you will enjoy the rich bird life and the flora around the lake.


You can book your kayak via Guide To Faroe Islands.


3 hours without guide: DKK 200 (per kayak)

3 hours with guide: DKK 900 (+ DKK 200 per kayak).


All year round.