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The people of Dalur (also known as dalbingar) are known for being good ballad chanters for Faroese chain dance. The Faroese chain dance-association Stígum Fast is based in Dalur and Dalur also has a communal house, Eiriksgarður, that is well suited for events, Faroese chain dance, accommodation e.g. for camp school and more.

35 people live in Dalur.

Faroese cultural evening

In Dalur you can experience the Faroese Cultural Evening,  hosted by the dalbingar. The cultural evening is a popular event, for groups of 12 – 50 people, where you try Faroese food, learn about Faroese culture, see how the dalbingar work the wool while they sing Faroese songs and tell Faroese tales, and you can join them in Faroese chain dance as well.


Near the house Eiriksgarður, you’ll find the camping-area. It is beautifully located and well-equipped. It is also next to a soccer-field.

The mill

In the village you’ll also find an old mill, owned by the National Museum of the Faroe Islands.


The seaside in Dalur is beautiful, and there you’ll find a beach covered in pebbles (Mølin, in Faroese) and water-rolled stones (Malagrót, in Faroese). Many visit the seaside to hear the special sound from the ocean meeting the water-rolled stones. We invite you to enjoy the tranquility and the fresh air, and please remember that it is not allowed to take pebbles and stones from this area, because the stones protect the village from the heavy surf during winter.


You can follow the old peat-path southwards on the Dalur-mountains, where you’ll find a scenic view to the south and west. You can also walk the old village path between Dalur and Skarvanes, which has been rebuilt and marked in 2019 as a part of the Closed For Maintenance: Open for Volontourism project. You’ll find the sign that describes the path on your right hand side, when walking on the winding farmersroad from Dalur towards the mountains, and close to the sign you will see the first blue pole for you to follow. The path is marked with cairns, blue poles and blue ladders to cross the fences without bending them.

The church

The church in Dalur is among the younger churches in the Faroe Islands, inaugurated in 1957. The church is made from timber. The Danish artist Ernst Trier has painted the altarpiece, inaugurated in 1961. The altarpiece is of the Last Supper and in 1961 the piece was consideres to be a modern piece. The lamps in the church are originally from the Faroese Parliament.


VisitSandoy does not have holiday cottages for rent in Dalur, but we have holiday cottages for rent in Húsavík as well as in other villages on Sandoy, see more here. It is also possible to book the communcal house Eiriksgarður.