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Visit the island Skúvoy

About us

Tummas Frank and his wife Elisabeth can provide you with everything from a packed lunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner, guided hikes in the outfield and B&B. Tummas Frank is raised in Skúvoy and Elisabeth has lived in Skúvoy for about 40 years.


We always set the table with good Faroese food, and everything is home-made. Here is a quick overview with what we have to offer (always depending on time of year):

Breakfast (example): homemade bread and buns, eggs, cheese, Faroese toppings and herring.

Lunch (example): homemade bread, Faroese bread “drýlur”, Faroese meat toppings: “rullupylsa, skinsakjøt, feskt kjøt, skerpikjøt”, paté, coffee and cake.

Dinner and coffee (example): soup, fresh meat (“feskt kjøt”, as opposed to fermented), potatoes, salad, sauce, coffee and cake.

Guided hikes and walks

Niðan til Eggjar

Tummas Frank works part-time as a guide in Skúvoy. He is a skilled storyteller and always tells entertaining stories.§With Tummas Frank you can get a good guided hike “niðan til Eggjar”. The hike takes around 3 hours in total.


Skúvoy village is an interesting little place, and becomes even more interesting if you have a local guide with you. During the village-walk with Tummas, you will hear stories about e.g. the church, the chieftain Sigmund Brestisson, and you will also visit the puffincolony near the village. Please remember to keep your distance from the puffins for their safety and well-being.

Other tours

It is also possible to book other tours and a different menu upon appointment.



Breakfast – coffee included: DKK 200 per person

Dinner – coffee included: DKK 500 per person

“Kalt borð” for dinner – coffee included: DKK 510 per person

Village walk coffee and homemade cake included: DKK 250 per person

Village walk : DKK 180 per person

Breakfast, long hike and dinner (6 hours): DKK 890 per person

Breakfast, long hike and “kalt borð” (6 hours): DKK 950 per person

Groups (min. 10 guests):

Breakfast, long hike and dinner (6 hours): DKK 890 per person

Breakfast, long hike and “kalt borð” (6 hours): DKK 950 per person

Guided village-walk – coffee included: DKK 150 per person

For groups or more than 20 people: write us for an offer


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. Our e-mail adress is  info@visitsandoy.fo and our phone no. is +298 222 078.