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Skálavík is a scenic Faroese village, and is know as one of the favourite places for Faroese people to travel in the Faroes. Approx. 140 people live in Skálavík, and during summer around 200 people live in the village. In the village you’ll find a café, a communal house, a greenhouse, an old people’s home, a nonconformist chapel, a school and a big playground.

A river flows through the village and it is a popular place to go for a walk and for children to play and forget all about ipads and screentime.

The bus goes several times a day to and from Skálavík, making it easily accessible be it by bus, car og bike.

At the moment you can stay in Skálavík at the cozy Mølin Guesthouse, or in one of our holiday houses. A new camping area is also in Skálavík.

If you want to learn more about the village you can book a walk and talk from us where a local guide will tell you more about the area, e.g. about the famous authors from Skálavík, sagas and stories about the village, about the selki á Hamri, Vakhús (house on a mountain where watch was kept for pirate ships) and much more.

Caféin á Mølini

By the boat basin, called Niðri Á Mølini, you’ll find the old business premises, usually called á Mølini, from  the year 1889. The house was the heart of the village and even of the islands for many years. The oldest part of the house is from 1889, when Valdemar á Mølini started trading in Skálavík. The house is still in the same family, and the couple Birita and Martin Karl opened a café here in June 2018. They can tell you plenty of stories about the people who used to live there and the importance the house has for the area. In 2020 the café is expanding to also include a hotel/guest-house. More information will follow.

The youth association Keldan

In the centre of the village you will find the youth association Keldan in Skálavík. The house and association are where a lot of activities take place in the village, for instance weddings, sales, Shrovetide as well as the annual dance on the evening of the Feast of the Epiphany every year in January. This dance is hosted by local dance associations Stígum Fast, Leikum Fagurt and Dansigaman, and has taken place for over 30 years and counting.

The church in Skálavík

The church was inagurated in 1891. In the church you will find 14 wood carvings by Tróndur á Trøð.

The pipe organ in Skálavík is the oldest in the Faroe Islands, and was originally from Humlebæk, Denmark.

Outside the church you will find a memorial monument in remembrance of Kristian Osvald Viderø, priest and author.


Many Faroese authors, artists and poets are from Skálavík. In the village, close to his childhood home, you will find a memorial monument in remembrance of author Heðin Brú. Heðin also translated many books to Faroese.Kristian Osvald Viderøss

Three men from Skálavík have won the Faroese literary and cultural award called M.A. Jacobsens award, namely Heðin Brú, Kristian Osvald Viderø and Hans Dalsgaard.