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Hiking is a great way to experience our beautiful nature. You don’t have to go far to experience our magnificent and breathtaking nature.

Guided hikes are a great way to experience local knowledge and storytelling.


We reccomend booking a local guide to ensure your safety and to give you the best experience. The guides have a lot of knowledge about our area, and can make your experience even better.

Remember to ask permission if your hike is not on a marked path. By Faroese legislation, you are not allowed to wander freely in the wilderness of the Faroe Islands. You are only allowed to walk on the old village paths, if other arrangements have not been made. 

If you book a local guide, the guide will ensure that you have the necessary permission.

If you hike on your own, please let someone in the village know you’re going. We reccomend this for safety reasons, and to avoid you getting in the middle of e.g. sheepherding or hare hunting.

Please take a look at these before your hike:

Guide to safe hiking in the Faroe Islands

Hiking in the Faroe Islands

Examples of hikes

Sandur – Søltuvík

The beautiful bay, Søltuvík, is situated approximately 6 km from the city of Sandur. Here you can experience breathtaking sunsets over the lagoon.

In Søltuvík you can also see the monument raised in 2010 in memory of the lost ship Principia.

Principia left Dundee, Scotland, for America on the 16th of November 1895. The ship got caught in a storm on the 19th of November and cut fire. They tried to head back to Scotland but ended up in The Faroe Islands where the ship struck a rock of the coast of Søltuvík on the 21st of November. 28 men were on board the ship but only one of them survived. He drifted 14 hours on a cargo hatch and was saved by the people of Kirkjubø. Now a days the cargo hatch is being used as a table at Stokkastovan in Kirkjubø. Two anchors of Principia were saved in 2001 and are a part of the monument.


Guided hikes

There are many places to hike in Sandoy, Skúvoy and Stóra Dímun. We can book a guide for you or your group, so you get the best hike possible suited for your wishes.

These are examples of guided hikes in our area. Please note that these hikes have to be arranged and it is best to make arrangements as early as possible:





Sandur – Søltuvík

Skarvanes – Dalur

Skálavík – Húsavík

Saga tour to the yarn-bombed rock and Gívrinarhol




Niðan á Knút

Niðan til eggjar


Stóra Dímun:

by appointment only. Contact Eva úr Dímun at dimun@olivant.fo or tlf. 270011


The standard price for a guided hike in the outfields is DKK 400 per hour, however the minimum price is DKK 1440. The price is for up to 18 people. Prices may vary.

If you prefer a village walk, the regular price is DKK 360 per hour, and the minimum price is for two hours (DKK 720). This is also for up to 18 people. Prices may vary.


We can also arrange for something to eat during or after your hike. Please let us know, if we can help you with this. You can book everything from a packed lunch, pancakes, dinner or soup. You can send your request to: info@visitsandoy.fo 



If you cancel a booked hike less than two weeks before the day of the hike, there is no refund.

If the tour is cancelled from our side, for example due to bad weather, the full amount will be refunded. Be aware that this can happen up to the very last moment, as we cannot predict or control the unsteady weather on the islands.


Your safety is our highest priority. We draw your attention to the risks associated with the unique characteristics of the Faroese environment. Consequently, should you venture into the Faroese environment, either alone, following inspiration from our website, or together with one of our tour guides, you do so entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result.