Museums on Sandoy

We have a wide selection of museums and historical buildings in the Sandoy region. Only two of these have regular opening hours, but they are only open during the summertime from 1st june-1st of august. These are the art museum in Sandur and the village museum in Sandur, you can read more about them further down on the page.

Besides these museums, there are also many preserved historical buildings. In Skálavík the café is an interesting building dating from 1889, a museum in itself, as the owners have chosen to preserve a lot of the interior. The original furniture is used in the café and they have preserved the old post office. In their newly established restaurant ‘Hjá Viggo’, you can still see some remains from Viggo's old livingroom.

In Húsavík the turf houses of Tumbakka are well preserved, the age of these mysterious houses is unknown, but they are very photogenic! 

In Dalur you can see the old watermill used to crush grains etc. you are welcome to have a look inside aswell!