Our aim as a Tourist Information Center is to create a socially, environmentally and economic sustainable tourism industry in our region, rooted in the local community. Our suppliers are all local stakeholders that focus on using local produce everywhere they can. We work closely with entrepreneurs, suppliers, communities and municipalities, and we see great potential in tourism, which can contribute to the local offers, events etc. and promote the well-being of the community.

As an organisation we help our local suppliers to develop, promote and manage their businesses, with an aim that the tourism industry contributes to the local economy.

We are a DMO, and therefore one of our aims is also to guide visitors on the right track when visiting our region. We produce signs and information for tourists to use, and with these tools we try to manage the amount of impact that tourism has on the environment in the region. We hope that this helps to guide visitors on the right tracks. We also try to maintain trails and nature areas, to limit the wear and tear that visitor traffic may have on the nature.