Saga Tour

Accompanied by a local storyteller, we are going to look for trolls, the witch, perhaps even the nix and fairies. The storyteller will tell fairytales and legends.

This trip is suitable children.

One of these adventures is the tale about the witch and the huge yarn-bombed rock near Gróthúsvatn. We hear about the witch, follow her footsteps and look for the cave where she lived. Following the footsteps of the witch and back to Sandur takes about 2 hours total.

Another possibility is walking in the footsteps of Kálvur Lítli (Little Calf). We walk further on to the the church and to “Junkarinsfløtt” in which archaeological excavations have been made. The archaelogists have discovered old houses from the Viking Age.


Can be booked all the year. The tour starts next to the old school in Sandur.


80 DKK per person, or minimum DKK 750 if you are fewer than 9 people. If you are a group of more than 10 people, the price for the first 10 people is DKK 80 per person and the price for every person after the 10th person is DKK 50 per person.


Book by sending us an e-mail:


VisitSandoy can book e.g. pancakes, waffles, buns during the walk on your behalf. This will cost an extra fee, depending on the type of food you desire.


Welcome to Sandoy! We look forward to meet you.