Fish for the dish

Go on a day trip with the boat builder and skipper Jóan Petur Clementsen, afterwards the farmers Sóleyð & Poul Klementsen will prepare the catch for you in their lovely home in Sandur. 

The day starts with a look at the boat workshop, where you will see some of Jóan Petur's work. Then you will take off with his boat Hvíthamar which he built himself. 6 people can fish with the boat. The Faroese are known for their fishing history, and the islands are surrounded by one of the best fishing grounds in the world.

Jóan Petur will sail past the bird cliffs in Sandoy and Skúvoy where you will have a wonderful scenery while fishing for cod, haddock, coalfish etc. 


6 hour day tour with fishing, sightseeing and a meal:

Starting price:  4000 DKK (Including two persons)

Pr. adult:            1500 DKK (maximum 6 in total)

pr.  child:            900 DKK

In case of bad weather, the tour can be set on another day, or it will be refunded.

After about two-three hours of fishing, you will come back to Sandur to Sóleyð & Poul, owners of the farm Klettagarður. They will prepare the fish into a delicious faroese dish of fried breaded fish, with potatoes from the farm and a mouthwatering sauce called ‘leykasmelt’, made of melted butter with fried onions.