Cave hike / Líðargjógv

Duration      2 hrs

Difficulty     Medium

Distance      2 km

Child friendly hike

Challenge all of your senses on this very special hike to the cave above Líðargjógv gorge.

This is a magnificent hike to the 50 m deep cave above the gorge called Líðargjógv. Going in to Líðargjógv cave is a very special experience for all of your senses. As you go into the cave the temperature, smell, colours, sound and light changes from the outside, giving you an unique experience. If you are brave enough, you will have the chance to walk all the way to the bottom of the cave, and get to the other side of the gorge. You can enjoy the spectacular view to the birdcliffs on the southern side of the gorge and to the cave Dúgvuskotið. Dúgva means “dove” in Faroese and Dúgvuskotið is a cave, where rock doves are nesting. It used to be possible to hike to Dúgvuskotið, but a landslide has blocked the trail and parts of the cave.

On your way to Líðargjógv cave, you will see many curious geological phenomena such as tree imprints from the time when the Faroe Islands was covered in forest, and interesting fossils. 

Your local guide Bjarki Henriksen and his sons will be guiding this tour. They are partial owners of this area of land, they know every nook and cranny in this area, and will keep you safe on the hike.

The hike is around two hours for beginners, then you have a lot of time for breaks to enjoy the views and have a cup of coffee. It is a relatively easy hike. However the beginning and end of the hike is steep and most of the hike is on an uneven, rocky surface. In someplaces you will have to climb over big rocks. So if you are afraid of heights, you need to prepare for this. This hike is not recommended if you e.g. have problems with your knees.

You should bring a torch to the cave (a phone with a torch is OK). A hiking stick can also be usefull, if heights challenge you. If you are travelling in a smaller group, your guide might have some hiking sticks to borrow, let us know if you need this.


Price for individuals

250 DKK pr. person (Minimum 7 persons or you can pay 1600 DKK)

Price for groups

If you are more than 7 persons, the price is 200 DKK per person

If you are more than 20 persons, you pay 175 per person

Max. 40 persons per group


Bjarki Henriksen is from Sandur, he is a very entertaining guide. He has sheep that he takes care of in his free time, and the sheep roam free in the wild including in this area, where this hike takes place.