Dining experiences on 

Sandoy and Skúvoy

Sandoy and Skúvoy are home to many sheep farmers, have a proud history of bird hunting and with its sandy soil, Sandoy is known for being one of the best places on the Faroe Islands for growing vegetables. 

On both islands you can experience home dining, where locals invite you to enjoy a good meal in their home. The locals take pride in serving their homemade food, mostly made from local produce – meat, fish, and vegetables.  In Skálavík you can visit the cozy Café á Mølini for a light meal, coffee and cakes or fine dining in the evening. If you would like something more international Pitsa Sandoy & Grill in Skopun serve great pizzas and burgers. When you just need a quick snack on the go, then the Kiosk at the Bakery is the place you're looking for.