Getting to Sandoy and Skúvoy

Sandoy is only a 30 minutes ferry ride from the capital Tórshavn. From Sandoy you can reach the beautiful island of Skúvoy by ferry. On this page you can read all you need to know about getting to Sandoy and Skúvoy.

Getting to Sandoy

Named after the bird Black Guillemot, the ferry “Teistin” sails between the port of Skopun (Sandoy) and Gamlarætt, just outside of Tórshavn, with frequent departures every day. Teistin is a comfortable ferry, that carries both passengers and cars. The ferry ride of 30 minutes is just perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a hotdog from the cafeteria on the upper deck, while you sail past the picturesque landscape.


You can find the timetable for the ferry to Sandoy here. During the summer, the ferry can be busy, so if you bring a car we recommend making a reservation from Gamlarætt in advance here. As the return from Sandoy is free of charge, it is not possible to make a reservation for the return without creating a user on the booking page and paying a deposit, this is not recommended unless you are a frequent traveler. Instead we recommend queing up for the ferry in Skopun 15-30 minutes in advance, depending on the season.


The times on Sandoy are however about to change, as a sub sea tunnel is being built, so by the end of 2023 you will be able to drive from Tórshavn to Sandoy in only 20 minutes time!


Getting to Skúvoy

Skúvoy is by many called a hidden gem, with its beautiful landscape and rich birdlife. The easiest way to get to Skúvoy is by ferry from Sandoy. The ferry to Skúvoy, Sildberin, has daily departures from the port of Sandur. The ferry only takes passengers, and it is neither possible nor necessary to bring a car to Skúvoy, as it is a small island. You can safely park the car at the port of Sandur.


Sildberin, translated directly to English means “the herring bearer” . Thus is the ferry to Skúvoy named after a puffin with its beak full of small fish that it carries back to its youngs in the nest.

Skúvoy is a great place for seeing puffins and other sea birds.

As the population of Skúvoy is quite small, most of the departures are on request. These departures are marked with a little “T)” in the timetable and have to be requested at least two hours in advance by calling the crew. You will find the timetable and phonenumber here on their webpage.


It is also possible to reach Skúvoy by helicopter. The helicopter flies four days a week during the summer and three days during the winter. Here you can find the timetable and booking page for the helicopter.


If you would like a very unique experience it is possible to arrange a private, chartered trip to Skúvoy with the traditional faroese boat Hvíthamar.

Public Transport

You find all your public transportation information at There are timetables for both buses and ferries on the website. The bus from Tórshavn to Gamlarætt is called route 101, the bus from Skopun the rest of Sandoy route 600. The ferry Teistin to Sandoy is called route 60 and Sildberin to Skúvoy is called route 66.

Consider not to travel by car with the ferry Teistin around 08 o'clock in the morning and 16 o'clock in the afternoon, due to consideration for the locals who commute to work and home, as there is a limited amount of space for cars in the ferry.