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Naturewalk in Tórshavn

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A diverse and peaceful walk along interesting sites in and around Tórshavn.

The route starts at Visit Tórshavn in Steinatún. Walk upwards through the town along Niels Finsensgøta until you reach the grove. Many people stroll through this gem daily, sometimes walking through it to get to or from work. The yearly high school graduation meetings are also held here, and the speeches are held from the large rocks at the top of the hill. Just south of the rostrum stands the gorgeous bronze statue of the dream girl Tarira—also called the Álvagentan (tr. “The Elf Girl”), created by Hans Pauli Olsen and set in memory of William Heinesen.

Continue along this path until you arrive at the next bridge, where you will turn left towards the large memorial set in memory of the seamen lost during the Second World War. By both lakes, located below the memorial, is rich birdlife and also some interesting birds. As you exit the grove and turn upward along Dalagøta, you will look over Williamshús. This is the childhood home of the previously mentioned artist and Tórshavn’s Citizen of Honour, William Heinesen.

Walk until you arrive at the end of Írarók. Then continue for almost 100 meters along the narrow path heading towards Hotel Føroyar until you reach the first cairn. Turn right up across Oyggjarvegur and continue towards the grassy path between the car sale and the fire station. Just as you exit the stone gate, it is possible to make a quick trip of 150 meters north along the fence above the fire station to Varðholan, a cavern with a large stone in the middle. Varðholan was used for mass meetings and as a hiding spot to hide away from pirates.
Additionally, Scouts would go on weekend trips to this location as it was considered far outside Tórshavn. Walk upwards along the village path that continues north to Syðradalur and Norðadalur. Once you have arrived in the plains by á Varða, it becomes very peaceful again, as if all noise from the city has been switched off.

Continue upwards along Keldurnar, and enjoy the beautiful scenery spanning over Hoyvík, Tórshavn, Argir, and Nólsoy, and even continuing northwards towards Skálafjørður and Eysturoy with all the northern mountains. This place is quite interesting with all the large stones on the plain. Once you have arrived slightly farther up Keldurnar, there is a path to your left, south off of Hotel Føroyar. Here you can choose to take this shortcut to the horseriding track in Marknagil instead of continuing the trip to Havnardalur. This will half the trip in both length and altitude. With a gorgeous view, continue along Dalsgøta towards Kleynsvarði, where horse riders often stop to rest their horses.

Continue downward to the water embankment in Havnardalur. This water embankment was built in 1966 when the population of Tórshavn had grown to 10,000. Follow the path south of the embankment to the road. Walk 200 meters south along the road and turn right into the cosy and relatively new grove.

By Tvørá is the playground of the recreational school Spírin in Havnardalur, which lies by the horse stables; therefore, children are often seen playing here. On the path is a small shelter where you can sit and have a coffee break before continuing upwards along the river.

Walk upwards by the right side of Tvørá; after 250 meters, you will arrive on the main road leading to the water embankment. Walk across the road and continue by the river where the old peat path lay. After 130 meters, you will arrive at an unusually large fallen peat hut, which was the peat hut owned by the baker in Hornabøur.

Then continue past the horse stables and across the mountain, along the horseriding track and downward by Marknagilsá. Enjoy the breathtaking view across Tórshavn and the fjord as you head down. Once you reach Marknagilsvegur, continue along the path between the grand high school Glasir and the cosy grove by Rættará, where the old drinking water embankment is located. By the large chimney, the path separates. The path to the left goes past the water embankment, while the one to the right, which you are to take, goes past Glasir. Soon you arrive at Vesturkirkja, which at 42 meters is the tallest building in the Faroe Islands.

Continue through the narrow path in Skálatrøð, where you finally walk past the old factory called Østrøm, also called the bun factory. This is a significant building from 1894, which has housed various activities over time. They have produced, amongst other things, cod liver oil, fishballs and ice cream. This was also a central freezer for the people of Tórshavn, a main station for British soldiers, cola sale and more.

Finally, walk the stretch towards the cosy and lively area of Vágsbotnur; some fishing boats might be lying by the marketplace selling fish. Then walk along the pedestrian street to Visit Tórshavn, where your trip started. 

By Hotel Føroyar


See map for parking options in central Tórshavn

By Hotel Føroyar

You can also park by Hotel Føroyar, see the green box on the photo. From here you can walk the whole or part of the trip - see the blue lines.

Hotel Føroyar


Hotel Føroyar


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14 km


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463 m


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