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Argir - Kirkjubøur

  • View from the tarn Klingrutjørn up towards the mountain Kirkjubøreyn. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • The view below the pass Álvaskarð towards the island of Nólsoy. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Up by the tarn Porkerisvatn it is beautiful and cozy. This is a great place to enjoy the moment with a cup of coffee. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • View from the tarn Porkerisvatn towards the island Nólsoy. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • View south of the tarn Porkerisvatn, over the rill Rangagil and south on the mountain Kirkjubøkambur (306 m.), Which we see in the background to the left in the picture. The village path goes right south over the wide pass in the middle of the picture which is just above Kirkjubø. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Up on the wide pass just above the village of Kirkjubø. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • On the trip there is a good chance that you will see some of the birds that breed in the field. This beautiful golden plover was just south of Rangagil. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • View up from the wide pass over Kirkjubø west over the islands Koltur, to the left in the picture, and Koltur, to the right in the picture. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
  • Kirkjubøur. Photo: Óli Gardshodn
hike poster

A quiet and beautiful walk, which includes a slight steep hike a very short distance from Torshavn. Unique and pixie-known terrain with a good view across Hestfjørð. On this route, you are likely to see ground-laying birds and hares.

The route between Argir and Kirkjubø is the second route connecting Tórshavn and Kirkjubø. This is the less used of the two paths between Tórshavn and Kirkjubø, as the more common route starts in Havnadal. However, this path between Argir and Kirkjubø was still used in the past for things such as travelling from Kirkjubø to the hospital.  

A large part of this route consists of gravelly terrain, making it difficult to see the path. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the GPX file to ensure the track is found and followed. Along this route are cairns; however, it is not always easy to distinguish between the real and ‘fake’ cairns, which will lead you away from the original route.

This trip is beautiful and unique with its gravelly terrain, many cliffs, and almost moonlike nature. During this trip, you will walk by the gorgeous Porkerisvatn (Porkeri’s lake), where it is ideal to stop for a minute and enjoy nature. It is said that William Heinesen, a famous Faroese author and artist, found inspiration for some of his sketches walking in this area, Kirkjubøreyni. It is said that his troll drawings are inspired by this area. 

Argir - Kirkjubøur
Kirkjubøur - Argir

Argir - Kirkjubøur

There is excellent parking at Barnagarðin (nursery) in Argir—refer to the green lines. Once you are parked, reference the blue lines to indicate the start of the route.   

Kirkjubøur - Argir

Excellent parking in the open area close to the harbour/church; from there, it is a 900-meter walk to the gate where the route starts – see the green line.

Argir - Kirkjubø
Kirkjubøur - Argir

Argir - Kirkjubø

Kirkjubøur - Argir


path icon
1h 45m


path icon
5 km


hilltop peak icon
373 m


family icon
0 m


family icon Suitable for children. Slightly rocky and gravelly from Argir to Rangagil.
difficulty icon Easy -
terrain icon Easy to walk, gravelly in specific areas such as between Argir and Rangagil
3 m/s
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