02 Jul - 29 Aug
Tórshavn (capital)
790 DKK
Matur & Drekka

Heimablídni: Supper club in a Fishermans home


One of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is tasting the local food. More and more people in the Faroese are offering ‘heimablídni‘, translated as ‘home hospitality’, where they invite people into their own homes for dinner and a chance to get to know the locals.

Durita and Fróði serve an exciting menu with the special taste of fermented food, which called ræst in Faroese. Traditional dishes with a milder taste are also on the menu.

The couple, who live in the capital, Tórshavn, are happy to serve dinner in their authentic Faroese home with a beautiful view. You will taste 8-10 different Faroese specialities, prepared by Durita and Fróði.

The starter is a plate with dry fish, dry whale, whale blubber, and dried lamb (skerpikjøt) with unleaved homemade bread, a Faroese schnapps and beer.

The main course is two of these: Whalebeef, ræst fish, ræst spare ribs of lamb, ræst meat and soup, “Grind, spik og eplir” which is whale meat, blubber, and potatoes.

The dessert is a warm rhubarb cake with whipped cream.

Beverages are served for a reasonable price. Water is served for free.

You can book as an individual or a group. Groups (up to 20 people) can choose if they want to be on their own.

As individuals, you will get a chance to meet other travellers and share experiences. These dinners are available on specific dates (see below). You are also welcome to send us a request for other dates or request a different menu at any time throughout the year.


Faroese ‘heimablídni’ dinners at Durita and Fróði’s:

9 July

8 August
9 August

All dinners start at 19:00.

Price: 790 DKK or 990 DKK for all-inclusive, per person.

Contact: FaroeGuide, Durita Krosstind Gregersen, faroeguide@faroeguide.fo, tel. (+298) 266833.

Deadline for booking is at 7 pm the day before.


Mannbrekka 8
188 Hoyvík
Tórshavn (capital)


2 Jul 2019 19:00 - 22:00
9 Jul 2019 19:00 - 22:00
8 Aug 2019 20:00
29 Aug 2019 19:00 - 22:00


Vaksin 790 DKK