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DansiEksperimentið 2024

This Year's Big Dance Experiment.

The Dance Experiment is an annual, interdisciplinary project that brings together Faroese amateur and professional dancers on a common stage where anything is possible.

The performance consists of various dance pieces created by Faroese and international choreographers. This year, the Dance Experiment has once again created an exciting collaboration with the art group Rammatik, featuring Marianna Mørkøre and Rannvá Káradóttir.

About the Dance Experiment
The Dance Experiment started in 2015. Every year, around 50 young people gather for a week to develop their dance skills and knowledge of dance art. Additionally, they develop personally and socially and gain a large artistic network. The project brings together Faroese and international professional dancers and choreographers, as well as enthusiastic young amateur dancers, making the Dance Experiment accessible to everyone. Together, these young dancers help stage a professional dance performance that offers a wide variety of experiences to the audience.

Age limit: School children and older. Younger children are also welcome if they can sit still for 60 minutes.

Photo: Tóna Fritsdóttir

Supported by: The Nordic House, Tórshavn Municipality, Dansifrøi, the Cultural Fund, Burn


Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

14 Norðari Ringvegur


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