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Trælanípan (Slave Cliff)


Trælanípa (Slave Cliff) is a perpendicular rock wall, which juts 142 meters upwards out of the sea. Supposedly, it has gotten its name from the Viking Age when slaves were pushed off the mountain. Be careful not to get too close to the edge as it is steep! From here, you can see the southernmost part of Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy.


At the end of Leitisvatn / Sørvágsvatn there are a lot of great sightseeing opportunities:

Trælanípa, the peculiar cliff that has a gloomy story attached to it

Bøsdalafossur, the 30m high waterfall flowing directly into the Atlantic Ocean

Geitisskoradrangur, the beautiful sea stack

The lake above the sea – and don’t forget the viewpoint for the optical illusion where Leitisvatn / Sørvágsvatn lake looks like it is floating high above the sea.


Please note the Hiking guidelines/Restrictions for the hike to Trælanípa


370 Miðvágur

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