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The Runic Stone


In the spring of 1917, a local farmer named Martin á Mýruni made a great finding. He discovered an ancient runic stone in the area Eingjatoftir, between Sandar and Steig, in Sandavágur.

The Runic Stone was from about year 1200. Mikkjal á Ryggi, a famous local writer, translated the ancient writing on The Runic Stone into Faroese. The translation reads:  “Torkil Onundarson eystmaður av Rogalandi bygdi henda stað fyrst” which can be translated into something like: “Torkil Onundarson from Rogalandi built this place first”

Today, the Runic Stone is now preserved and presented in the Church of Sandavágur


360 Sandavágur

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