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The National Museum


The permanent exhibition at the National Museum offers an experience of the geology, botany, zoology, archeology, folk-life and history of the Faroe Islands. Among the cultural treasures in the exhibition, you will find the original Faroese rowing boat, the full collection of the legendary 15th century Kirkjubøur benches, a variety of national costumes and interesting findings from the Viking era. You can also experience a journey through the natural and geological history of the Faroe Islands with its mammal and bird life and the volcanic geological origin of the islands.


We are closed on 25., 26., 27. and 30. Desember and also on 1. January


1. May – 30. September
Open every day from 10-17

1. October – 30. April
Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 13-17



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Tórshavn (capital)

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