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The Church of Sørvágur


The church of Sørvágur is built in old traditional Faroese style: wooden, black with a white tower and grass on the roof. Dánjal Niclasen built the church in 1886 after the old church from 1842 was destroyed by a heavy storm.

The altarpiece is a replica of a Zealandic altarpiece by Carl Bloch from 1873. the Dane Gustav Vilhelm Blom painted the replica that is the altarpiece in the church of Sørvágur.

Danjal Tavsen made the steel spire of the church. The spire was made for the 100-year birthday of the church in 1986. Now the old spire hangs in the porch.

Petur Jákup Hansen carved the wooden baptismal font in 1882.


Kirkjuvegur 12
380 Sørvágur

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