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The Church of Miðvágur


The foundation stone of the current church of Miðvágur was laid on First Trinity Sunday in 1948. The church was finished and opened on 28th of September in 1952.

Heini Joensen, the mayor at the time, draw the church already in Mai 1930. Heini studied in Bergen in western Norway, and the western Norwegian style – the Jurgend style – shows in many of the details of the Church of Miðvágur.

Hans Jørgensen did all the craving and the Faroese painter Torbjørn Olsen pained the altarpiece. The altarpiece was revealed on Good Friday in 2000, and it shows Jesus Christ on the cross, same as the former altarpiece did.

The most famous artefact of the church is undoubtedly the candlestick on the communion table. This is namely the candlestick that Beinta supposedly used to hurt Peder Arrheboe. Even after restoration, the candlestick still has marks from this event, and nothing shows on the other candlestick.


Leitisvegur 23
370 Miðvágur