Church of Hattarvík


Originally there was only one church on the island of Fugloy. The church was for centuries in the village of Kirkja (the name Kirkja means church in Faroese). When the church was near-derelict in the 1830s and the island needed a new church, they decided to built the church in the village of Hattarvík instead of in Kirkja because there were almost no men left in Kirkja who could serve as church warden. Most of them had lost their lives in a boating accident in 1818.

When the Hattarvík church was about to fall apart in the 1890s, the villagers saw no reason to move the church again and built a new one in Hattarvík. The church in Hattarvík was inaugurated on 9 November 1899.


767 Hattarvík

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