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Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn Lake


At 3.4 square kilometres, Lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn (name is debatable, depending on who you ask) is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. The lake has also been dubbed “the lake over the ocean” as the view from a particular angle functions as an optical illusion, appearing to look as though the lake is hovering directly above the ocean. At the end of the lake is the impressive Bøsdalafossur waterfall.

The hike out to Bøsdalafossur is easy and takes about 45 minutes. Please follow the gravel path out to the end of the lake. On the main road, turn onto the road by the church in Miðvágur. From there, follow the signs to “Trælanípa/Bøsdalafossur” until you reach a parting spot. Go through the gate and walk along the gravel path. The path stops in some places but if you continue walking along the lake, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the path again. Please remember to read our guide to safe hiking before you head off.

For a more detailed guide for this walk, check out this page by Marion Vicenta Payr.


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