Shores at Tjørnuvík


Tjørnuvík is the most northerly village on the island of Streymoy. When you arrive at the village, continue to the jetty to park your car. There you’ll see a sandy bedrock with seaweed. There are also some exciting fissures near the end of the jetty.

There is good chance of seeing catfish, edible crabs and monkfish. The bay is clearly divided into areas with sandy and stony seabed. Diving takes place on the northern side of the bay.

During swells, it is not possible to land at the slipway, but it is possible to come ashore over the stone area at the jetty further west. Diving is not advisable during heavy swells because of the strong currents.

Depth: between 3 and 12 metres.
Visibility is generally good and is often around 10 metres.


445 Tjørnuvík

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