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Løgmansgarðurin was the residence of the “Løgmaður”, the lawspeaker and leader of the Faroese parliament from 1555 until 1816. Hence, Løgmansgarðurin was, in this period, the base of man with the highest ranking in the Faroe Islands. The last løgmaður to live in Løgmansgarðurin was Jørgen Frants Hammershaimb. His son Vencil Ulricus Hammershaimb was born on Løgmansgarðurin in 1819.

Løgmansgarðurin was abolished in 1816 and the Faroe Islands became a Danish administrative district. After this, the land that belong to Løgmansgarðurin, was divided into eight parts. Both locals and foreigners bought the land and moved to Sandavágur. Needless to say, this had a vast positive effect on the conditions in Sandavágur, both socially and financially.

Today Løgmansgarðurin is without doubt a “worth to visit” when in Vágar.


Steigartún 8
360 Sandavágur

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