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The museum Kálvalíð in Miðvági is one of the first local museums, which was established in Faroe Islands. The museum has an exhibition in the old house Kálvalíð, which is a very old Faroese house.

The land, that belonged to the house was in 1632 owned by the local clergyman, but later, in 1673, the house and land became an annex for clergyman’s widows.

Later in this century the house came in private property, and since 1968 the local parish has been the owner.

Many tales are about the widows from Kálvalíð, and most famous is the story about Beinta, (the author Jørgen Frants Jacobsen’s “Barbara”), who was a clergyman’s wife on Viðareiði and in Miðvági.

A lot of things in the house are from other houses in the village, and these together with the house shows, how a Faroese family was living up to our days.

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Kálvalíðvegur 41
370 Miðvágur

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