Horse riding on Faroese ponies


Enjoy a unique experience riding on a Faroese pony, a breed that arrived with the settlers of the Faroe Islands more than 1000 years ago.

Anna Louisa offers two different tours:

1. Horse riding in the mountains
2. The story of the Faroese pony

Horse riding in the mountains

She offers a standard tour of a one-hour ride on the mountain Lambafelli, a 10-minute drive from Tórshavn. They offer tours to groups of up to six people. To participate, you need to be able-bodied and weigh no more than 90 kg.

Pick-up from Tórshavn can be arranged for a reasonable fee.

One-hour tour costs DKK300. Other trips can also be arranged.


Hear the story of the Faroese pony

Those who want a look at the Faroese pony, but wish to stay on the ground, can visit Lambafelli and listen to the dramatic story of the ponies, with the opportunity to see and touch them.

The tour includes a hot bevarage and something sweet in typical Faroese manner.

Price: DKK150

If you want further details or wish to book a tour, get in touch with Anna Louisa by e-mail



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