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Heimablídni in Nólsoy


Dear guest!

I am happy to invite you to my cozy home for a Heimablídni dinner.

My husband and I live in this old house that was built in 1937. We have tried to keep in the original shape. The house was built by my grandparents and my father grew up here, and so did I when I was a child.

In this house there have always been guests from around the world from the very beginning when tourists started to experience the Faroe Islands.

When I cook, I use Faroese local food and vegetables, this because it is tastier, and it is my way of taking care of the environment. The season decides what I can serve, and whatever grows in my garden will be served with lots of passion and love. If my garden is not able to produce what is needed it is possible to buy Faroese grown vegetables and potatoes. I can serve different kinds of local fish and beef. Faroese lamb is almost impossible to get in the summertime, but I can always give it a try. Icelandic lamb is a good alternative.

It is necessary to have good time to prepare the meals, so please return with your orders as soon as possible.

With greetings from Nólsoy

Maud Wang Hansen, organizer


Phone: +298- 288606


Á Mýruni 13
270 Nólsoy

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