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Fiskieiði is also called Hvalbiareiði. Eiði is the Faroese word for Isthmus. The distance between the west and east coast in Hvalba is very short. There are two isthmuses in Hvalba, this is the southern one, the northern one is called Norðbergseiði or “Á Drátti”. Hvalbiareiði used to be a fishing harbour. It is a natural harbour, but it has also been improved by human hand. It was made into a better harbour 100 years ago or so. Since the boats got engine, this harbour has lost its importance. Nowadays there are several trawlers in Hvalba, and they use only the harbour in the village on the east coast. This place is now mainly a tourist attraction. Used for boat trips and just for relaxation or BBQ evenings and other events.





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