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Dúvugarðar (History Museum)


Dúvugarðar in the magnificent setting of Saksun is an old medium-sized King’s farm, supporting a flock of some 300 sheep for breeding. The original buildings, some of which date back 200 years, are an outdoor museum today, with all the buildings and facilities a farm would have had. The old farmhouse itself is kept in its original state.

Open every day (from 15 June to 31 August) from 10am to 16pm. Entrence fee: 30DKK, kids 0-16 free.

Be sure to check out the Dúvugarðar Cáfe, open during the summer.


Saksunarvegur 1
436 Saksun

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 14:00 - 17:00