Church of Viðareiði


The present-day church was consecrated in 1892, but there have been previous churches on the same location. The church is made of stones taken from the coastline. The men of the parish were required to carry stones to the site of the church. Each man carried 24 stones a year for two years. On the northern wall of the church hangs an altar plate, one of the oldest church treasures in the Faroe Islands. Thomas Koppen from Hamburg, who obtained the monopoly on Faroese trade in 1533, donated the altar plate to the church. The British Royal Navy donated the church silver to the people of Viðareiði in acknowledgment of the village’s help in rescuing and caring for the crew of the shipwrecked brig, Marwood, in 1847.


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Kirkjugøta 10
750 Viðareiði

Opening hours

Church service every Sunday 12:00 -