Church of Kirkja


The only church on the island of Fugloy was originally in the village of Kirkja (Kirkja means church in Faroese). However, when the church was near-derelict in the 1830s, it was moved. At that time there was hardly a man in Kirkja who could become a church warden since most of them were lost at sea in a boat accident in 1818. A new church was therefore built in the other village on Fugloy, Hattarvík.

There was no church in Kirkja for 100 year, but in the 1930s the desire to have a church in Kirkja had grown so strong that the villagers made a great effort to built a new one. The church was built in the style of the old wooden Faroese churches was consecrated on 28 May 1933.


766 Kirkja

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