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Dinner at "Hjá Hildigarð"



Here you can dine with Hildigarð at her cozy home in Sandur. Hildigarð cooks everything from dinner, to a packed lunch, brunch or coffe and cake and she will make you feel right at home!

If you book a Faroese dinner at Hildigarð’s, it’s most often freshly caught fish that her husband caught for the ocasion.


A good Faroese dinner, almost always fish fillet, potatoes etc.: DKK 300 per person

A good packed lunch, 4 halves of bread with Faroese toppings: DKK 155 per person

A good tea, home-baked buns or cake, coffe and tea included: DKK 80 per person

A good lunch, bread with toppings, often Faroese: DKK 180 per person

A traditional Faroese table, Faroese bread with as Faroese toppings based on the season and availability, e.g. dried fish, fermented meat, whale, dried meat: DKK 400 per person.

Coffee, tea and water is included in all meals that take place at Hildigarð’s place.


Please remember to book as early as possible, though at the latest on the morning of your visit.

Contact us for bookings and questions: and phone no. +298 222 078.


Runtagøta 1
210 Sandur

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