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Atlantic Airways


Atlantic Airways is the national airline of the Faroe Islands. The company was founded in 1988 and operates 3 Airbus airplanes, two A319s with a capacity of 144 seats each, and one A320 with capacity of 168 passengers. The airline has several daily flights from Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, and 2 weekly flights from Reykjavik Airport in Iceland, as well as weekly flights from airports in Norway. The experience of Atlantic Airways extends to routes in Europe as well, such as London, Barcelona and Milan.

Atlantic Airways operates a variety of charter tours, including:

  • conferences and exhibitions
  • team-building tours for companies
  • Sports events and other events


The company operates a well-equipped helicopter service and responds to all the search and rescue missions around the Faroe Islands.

Preliminary timetable for 2016/2017 is available here.

For information about charter, please contact:
The Sales- & Marketing department in Copenhagen, Tel.: (+45) 32 50 47 00.


Vagar Airport
380 Sørvágur

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