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The summer exhibition 2021: nabbteeri
Invertebrates are animals that have no skeleton. They have no backs and no backbones with marrow, nerves or cartilage and dor the Finnish artist collective nabbteeri invertebrates are part of sprawling and deeply fascinating artistic explorations. In their often polymorphous works all matter, all organisms, all components of reality have meaning and their work with invertebrates constitutes a special entry point, a special opening to understanding art and reality.  In their art nabbteeri create insight into a physical world unseen by us, they make visible, what is normally unseen, they bring what was hidden into sight. They have not created the countless organisms we exist alongside, but they have made their existence real to us, perhaps also marked and challenged it. There is creation and recreation. With this they make us grasp how these species are not just here, not just inhabit our world, but influence it and give it meaning. Not exactly like, but not entirely different from artistic creation.

At the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands we are very proud and pleased that nabbteeri, Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri, have agreed to exhibit with us in the summer of 2021 and have brought invertebrates along with so much else – living and dead – into our consciousness. Our deepest gratitude goes to the artists for our wonderful cooperation and for countless sublime artistic experiences and realisations.


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