16 Jun - 18 Jun
Tórshavn (capital)
72 - 145 DKK
Art - Performance


A sci-fi play about the last day of the community of the realm.

”The Secession” is about the imaginary day in 2033 when Greenland and the Faroe Islands becomes independent nations. The play will examine which feelings and situations will arise in the Faroes, Greenland and in Denmark when/if one of the last colonial powers finally ceases to exist. We will zoom all the way into people’s dreams, fears, and dilemmas, and then we zoom out to see the big picture in cinematic realism. This is theatre in a narrative style which is at the same time very visual. It touches upon a subject which is of great interest to many people in Greenland, the Faroes, and in Denmark.

The performance group Paradox, who have created the play, comprises professional artists from the Nordic countries. The group is examining which feelings are behind the desire for independence and what it will mean – if the secession becomes a reality – for the individual and for the countries’ self-image.

We will travel to the day in 2033 when the secession process formally starts. At the centre of the play, we have three female TV journalists in separate studios, whose task is to comment upon and lead the day. They are in different countries in the kingdom and never meet, but when a colonial devil attacks the technology, they share an experience. Time is dissolved and the technical fault takes us back to a time when no one living has a handle on the situation.

*PARADOX (paradoxteater.dk) creates sensory and cutting-edge documentary theatre in Denmark. Often about politically sensitive subjects. The whole question about secession is indeed a sore topic and is closely tied to the Danish self-image. Still, there are very few Danes who have considered how secession could affect the Danish identity and Denmark’s role in an international context. In Greenland and the Faroes, the idea of the community of the realm is more real. It is a remnant of the colonial age which is a reminder of the Danish sovereignty in the Arctic. Still, there are close and dear ties between the countries. In truth a paradox.

Script: Vivi Sørensen (GL) and Daniel Wedel (DK/SE)
Directors: Egill Pálsson (IS) and Daniel Wedel (DK/SE)
Stage design: Martin Eriksson (SE)
Actors: Mariann Hansen (FO), Karina Møller (GL), Henriette Rosenbeck (DK) and Mohamed Ali Osman (DK/SO)
Production: Durita Sumberg (FO) and Henriette Rosenbeck (DK)
Photos: Søren Meisner

The play is a collaboration between PARADOX and Katuaq (GL), Norðurlandahúsið (FO), Kolding Egnsteater and Odense Teater (DK)

”The secession” is funded by Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Nordisk Kulturfond, NAPA-fonden, Uttanríkis- og Mentamálaráðið, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Beckett Fonden and others.

PARADOX has previously produced the plays Welcome to Denmark about Danish asylum politics, ROMA about romas in Scandinavia and Fake News about media, journalism, and democracy.

The secession will be premièred on 4 June 2022 in Nuuk

The play is in Danish, lasts 1h30mins and has no interval


Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

Norðari Ringvegur
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


16 Jun 2022 19:30
17 Jun 2022 19:30
18 Jun 2022 19:30


Students and youths under the age of 18 72 DKK

Tickets 145 DKK