16 Aug
212 DKK

Concert with Jasmin


In spite of the fact that JASMIN is a relatively new band in the Faroese music venue, they already have melted many hearts and performed a lot throughout the last 2 years.

The band had their debut at Sement (music contest) in 2017 when they won the competition .

The band has a global world sound  with a blend of soul and electronic pop. At the same time the band is inspired by the life on the Faroes, where drizzle rain with dark vibes occasionally blend into their sound.

The fascinating power and the wide range of the singer Jasmin Mote, gives their music a unique and original voice that extend their sound way beyond the Faroese shores.

At the Faroese Music Awards 2019 Jasmin won the award in the category  “Female Singer of The Year”.

The band JASMIN has within very short time become one of the most popular names in the Faroe Islands.

Jasmin Mote à Vocal
Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen à Bass, sampling
Harald Fonsdal Johannesen à Trummir
Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen à Keyboard og synths

Tickets available at maggies.fo


Maggies Café

Válagøta 26
270 Nólsoy


16 Aug 20:00 - 22:00


212 DKK 212 DKK