12 May
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Hanus G & Trio Svin @Töting


Hanus G:
Hanus G. Johansen is a legendary and highly respected faroes folk singer.
Many of his songs have become evergreens and are popular even among the young people. He has composed melodies for some of Poul F. Joensen’s poems, first time was in 1988, when he released his album Gaman og álvara.
Hanus G.’s music is mostly folk music, but because of its popularity it can also be defined as a kind of pop music.

Trio Svin:
Like an uprising against all the ‘nordic sentimental folkmusic’ Trio Svin fights a desperate battle, making the world an uglier place, one concert at a time. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, a crazy musical approach and a foundation in Bluegrass and Nordic folk music Trio Svin fills a need nobody knew they had. Like an ass-kicking that you never asked for, but secretly wanted all along – folk musical catharsis.

Their uncompromising, raw attitude resulted in a nomination in the category “Talent of the Year” at the Danish Roots Music Awards in 2015.

Percussion: Magnus Heebøll
Guitar: Søren Røgen
Fiddle: Thyge Van Dassen



Við Júksnará 9
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12 May


163 163 DKK