Eat local

We in Veltan believe, that you should be able to eat Faroese greens in the Faroe Islands! Either what you grow yourself, or what you buy from locals.

We grow salad, cabbage, carrots, leek, roots, potatoes, peas – some of these in larger quantities and some as tests. We continuously try to create variation and knowledge about different kinds of crop.

Vit velta salat, kál, gularøtur, glaskál, purrur, røtur, epli, ertrar – sumt í størri nøgdum, annað sum royndir. Vit leggja okkum eftir allatíðina at skapa variatión og vitan um hesa ymsu grøðina.

About us

Veltan is a community for people with interest in greens and cultivation. Some members produce for sales and others for their own kitchen. Those who want to sell, can use the brand Veltan, and sell their produce through the community.

The community cooperates about knowledge, sales and marketing.

Buy from us

We sell our produce in Vágsbotnur in Tórhavn from time to time (you can see when on our Facebook page), we sell in the grocery shop FK in Tórshavn city centre, from our tunnels in Sandur and to restaurants.

Visit us

If you want to know more about us or visit us, you can make arrangements with VisitSandoy.

Please send an e-mail to or call +298 222 078.


Direct information to and about Veltan


Phone: +298 221 953