Faroese cultural evening – July 2018

In days of old, it was common to work indoors in the evenings. Wool had to undergo several different processes before it could be turned into a garment. To make the work more pleasant, old legends and sagas were recited and old ballads and medieval songs sung whilst working. In this way, the necessary work got done while a treasure trove of folklore, legends and history was handed down to the children.

This tradition is still honoured in the village of Dalur and it is possible to enjoy an interesting evening in the village hall where the old and young gather to work and play. Guests are offered a hearty meal with home-baked rye bread and Faroese specialities such as dried mutton and fish. You can watch the work being done and maybe even try some of the different activities yourself. The event concludes with traditional chain dance, in which both the villagers and guests take part.

Good to know

It is possible to combine the cultural evening with the walking tour from Skarvanes to Dalur, either with or without a guide. On the walk you can enjoy splendid views of Skúvoy and of the two islands Stóra and Lítla Dímun.

You can book a bus to Skarvanes and from Dalur when you purchase your ticket.


We are hosting a Faroese Cultural Evening on July 20th 2018, if a minimum of 10 people sign up. The evening will be in Faroese or Scandinavian, and an English interpreter will also be present.


Sign up via Guide to Faroe Islands here


Send an e-mail or call us for more information, info@visitsandoy.fo, +298 222 078