Rent a faroese boat in Kollafjørður


Authentic experiences in traditional boats

Sailing in a traditional Faroese boat is a unique experience. You come close to the sea, the landscapes along the seashore, the wildlife and the mysteries under the water’s surface. You reach magnificent fiords and small villages outside the most traveled areas.

We are meeting up at the Kollafjørður marina. You can be up to 6 persons. Before handover of the boat each passenger receives a floatation suit, boots and a life vest. We will give instructions on safety and on handling of the traditional Faroese boat and equipment.

The fiord is part of a large inshore area encompassing Kollafjørður, Sundini, Tangafjørður, Skálafjørður and Kaldbaksfjørður. This is also your sailing area. The area is fairly sheltered from the ocean currents and weather. 

You have a possibility of renting fishing gear and try your fishing luck. Fish in the area are often atlantic cod, haddock, whiting, saithe and dab where you find sandbed.

At the Kollafjørður marina there is an active boating club. They have excellent facilities with toilets and cantina. Our guests are welcome to use these facilities.

For more information and for online booking please visit the website Notice on the website that Kollafjørður is one of several villages where you can rent a Faroese boat.


Kollafjørður Marina
410 Kollafjørður

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