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B01 – Poul & Sóleyð

Bed & Breakfast

Poul & Sóleyð live in a wonderful house near the third biggest lake in the Faroe Islands, Sandsvatn. They have 4 rooms for rent.

You can also book their “hot tub” overlooking the lake, regardless if you are staying the night or not.

They also rent out kayaks on lake Sandsvatn, and you can go for a guided hike with Poul.

If you are travelling with kids, we reccomend  saying hello to muuh.


Dupult-bed, price per night: DKK 900 for the room.

Twin-beds, price per night: DKK 1100 for the room.


Book on Airbnb or by sending an e-mail to info@visitsandoy.fo.

See and book room 1 here.

See and book room 2 here.

See and book room 3 here.

See and book room 4 here..

Hot tubs

Both guests and non-guests can rent our hot tub. The hot tub is located by the house, where you have a nice view over lake Sandsvatn. Bathrobes are included in the price.


1 hour: DKK 400

2 hours: DKK 750


Book by sending an e-mail to info@visitsandoy.fo



You will pick up your kayak at our base by the river bank just outside the village Sandur. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler, this is the perfect adventure as a part of you stay in the Sandoy area.

All kayaks are single person boats.

Our sea kayaks are the safest on the market and are quick-to-learn. Getting on the water is also easy in these kayaks.

Price & booking

You can spend 3 hours in the kayak and enjoy the scenic view from the lake where you will see the drenched river bank and the low mountains surrounding lake Sandsvatn.

You’ll get access to the kayaks in the area near the Effo-gas station in Sandur, and you can rent kayaks by calling Poul directly on phone no. +298 505670, by writing us on info@visitsandoy.fo or via Guide To Faroe Islands here.


Say Hello To Muuh

Welcome in the cowshed!

Poul is a dairy farmer in Sandur, and his cattle are curious, playful and kind.

When you visit Poul, you get to greet the locals (the cattle and calfes, of course) and he will show and tell you how he cares for the cattle. You can even get to try some of it for yourself! After visiting the cattle, you can also meet the chicken and see where they lay their eggs, and who knows, there might be a new warm egg waiting for you when you get there.

In this digital age, visiting a cowshed and seeing where milk and egg actually come from is a real experience. Additionally, Poul is a skilled storyteller and will entertain children and their parents.


If you’re lucky, Pouls wife Sóleyð is at home when you visit the barn.

If she’s at home, she will gladly make a lovely Faroese ‘drekkamunn’ for you. This may include homemade buns, pancakes, waffles or stewed rhubarbs. Nearly everything she serves is homemade and from Sandur.


You can book by sending an e-mail to info@visitsandoy.fo or calling +298 222 078.


Visit the barn: DKK 300 for up to 6 people

Drekkamunn: DKK 75 per person


Guided hikes

Poul is used to hiking and is a skilled storyteller, both for hiking, bird tours and village walks. He knows the good stories and the best places in the Sandur and Søltuvík area!


You can book by sending an e-mail to info@visitsandoy.fo, calling us on phone no. +298 222 078, or calling Poul directly on phone no. +298 505 670.


The price for a village walk is DKK 360 per hour.

For guided hikes in the outfields the price is DKK 400 per hour (however, minimum DKK 1450).

If you are a group of more than 18 people, we need to book two guides.