Sightseeing by boat

A trip by boat to see the bird cliffs of Sandoy & Skúvoy

The excursion offers an impressive experience of steep cliffs and rich bird life. From May to August the mountainsides are teeming with guillemots, puffins, cormorants, fulmars and razorbills. When you sail along the west coast of Sandoy towards the northernmost point of the island, there are several places where it is possible to sail close to the coast between the cliffs and the sea stacks and skerries. During the trip you might see inquisitive or dozing seals.

Good to know:

‘Hvíthamar’ is authorised to carry up to 12 passengers. Coffee is served on board. Remember to bring warm clothing. Excursions can also be arranged to the island of Stóra Dímun. Booking is necessary.


To arrange a trip contact Visit Sandoy: and +298 222 078



Sightseeing, 2 hours: DKK 400 per person. If more than two people are going, then the price is DKK 300 per person.

Fishing, 2 hours: DKK 1200 in total

Fishing, half day: DKK 1850 in total

Fishing, full day: DKK 3200 in total