Sandoy is the greatest area to bike in the Faroe Islands. You can choose a route that suitable for your level, and you always know when traffic is coming (9 times a day, connected with the ferry).

The Faroese love to bike in Sandoy, and the Rynkeby bike team members often practice for the race  by biking in Sandoy.

Bike-trip with

Bike to the beautiful island of Sandoy. You will bike with a local guide from Tórshavn past the district of Norðasta Horn and Velbastaður to Gomlurætt. From Gomlurætt you will atke the ferry to Skopun in the island of Sandoy.

In Sandoy you will bike to the charming village of Húsavík. On this tour you will have a break at Café Breiðateig (lunch, juice, coffee) in the village of Sandur. You will return to Skopun and depart by the ferry to Gomlurætt at 16:35. From there you bike back to Tórshavn.

Price 1.225kr. incl. rental af a new FELT VR6 road bike, pedals (regular, SPD-SL or MBT), lights, helmet, bicycle computer, waterbottles, energy bar, lunch, tickets to the ferry and guide.

Average speed is approx. 15-20 km/h out of straight road. The hills you will ride up and down at your own pace. There will be gathering on top and bottom.

Distance: 60 km

You can see the meeting point in Tórshavn on Google Street View.


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